8 Ways How to Make Money on TikTok

January 10, 2024

by admin

How to make money on TikTok

TikTok has exploded in popularity over the past few years, becoming one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. The app lets users create and share short videos, often set to music or including special effects. This engaging, entertaining, and sometimes educational content can go viral incredibly fast on TikTok.

With over 1 billion monthly active users, TikTok offers a massive potential audience for content creators. Like other social platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Twitch, TikTok allows creators to monetize their content in a variety of ways if they build up a big enough following. While it takes time and effort to gain an audience, those who put in the work may be able to find ways to earn money from TikTok.

This article will explore 8 different methods for how to make money on TikTok by monetizing your account and content. The possibilities range from selling merchandise to promoting brand sponsorships. While it requires creativity and persistence, TikTok does provide real money-making opportunities for influencers who gain a strong following.

1-Sell Merchandise

One great way to make money on TikTok is by designing and selling your own TikTok-themed merchandise. You can create customized t-shirts, hats, phone cases, stickers, and more featuring your TikTok username, popular audio, or inside jokes from your videos.

Promote and sell your merchandise through your TikTok videos and links in your bio. For example, wear your merch in your videos or do hauls showing off new product releases. Direct viewers to your online shop through your bio link or create Shoppable Pins that connect your TikTok content directly to merchandise checkout.

Setting up a merchandise shop on sites like Teespring allows you to upload your designs and handle printing & order fulfillment. You can set your own prices and make a profit on each item sold. The more creative and engaging your designs, the more potential merch you can move. Selling merchandise lets TikTok creators monetize their audience and brand in an organic way that followers are excited to buy into.

2-Get Brand Sponsors

One-way TikTok creators can monetize their audience is by partnering with brands for sponsored content. With over 1 billion monthly active users, TikTok presents a huge opportunity for brands to get their products and services in front of engaged users.

As a TikTok creator, you can leverage your audience and content to attract potential brand sponsorships. The key is finding brands that align well with the interests of your followers and the style of your videos. For example, if you make comedy sketches, you could approach comedy brands or entertainment companies about sponsoring your content.

To get started, create a media kit summarizing your audience demographics, content statistics, and sponsorship opportunities. Reach out to brands that you think would resonate with your followers and schedule calls to discuss potential partnerships. Be prepared to explain why your audience would be a good fit for their brand.

When negotiating sponsored content deals, consider your follower count, average views, and engagement rate to set fair rates. Sponsored videos, contests, branded effects and stickers, live streams, and product gifts or reviews are just a few examples of sponsored content opportunities to discuss with brands.

Leveraging your TikTok presence and creativity to partner with aligned brands can become a significant revenue stream. Just make sure to clearly disclose sponsorships in compliance with FTC guidelines. Doing branded content right strengthens relationships with your audience and provides value to brand partners.

3-Add Donation Buttons

TikTok allows creators to enable donation buttons directly in the app so fans can tip them. This feature is ideal for charities, nonprofits, and creators who want to raise money for important causes or organizations.

To enable the TikTok donation button, you need to first get approved through TikTok’s Creator Fund. Once approved, you can add a “Support” button to your profile. Fans who visit your profile can then tap the Support button and donate directly to you. The minimum donation is $1.

The donation feature provides an easy way for creators to fundraise for nonprofits or social impact organizations. For example, you could partner with a charity focused on a cause you care about and encourage viewers to donate through your TikTok profile. Nonprofit organizations are also joining TikTok themselves to engage younger audiences.

Adding donation buttons is a great option if you want to leverage your TikTok influence for good. Every little bit can add up, especially if you have a large audience of engaged followers. With direct on-platform donations, you make it quick and simple for fans to contribute to your cause.

Just make sure you are transparent about where the money is going. Share details on the organizations or causes that will benefit from viewer donations. Being upfront will encourage more users to contribute.

So if you want to turn your TikTok presence into a force for good, consider activating the donation button feature. It transforms your profile into a place where fans can easily give back.

4-Live Stream Gifts

Live streaming on TikTok allows creators to engage with their audience in real-time and potentially earn money in the process. One-way TikTokers can monetize their live streams is through virtual gifts from viewers.

Fans can purchase various animated virtual gifts to send to creators during a livestream. These start at just a few cents, but some special limited-edition gifts can cost over $100. When a fan sends a gift, the creator receives a percentage of the value. The more popular and established the creator, the more gifting activity they will see in their livestreams.

To encourage gifting, creators can provide exclusive content or experiences for their biggest supporters. This includes things like shouting out gift senders, answering questions just from gifters, or offering sneak peeks at upcoming videos. TikTok also lets creators set up special incentives where they’ll do a given activity after reaching a certain number of gifts received.

With creative incentives and a loyal fanbase that engages with virtual gifts, live streaming on TikTok can become a significant revenue stream for top creators. The key is providing fans with an authentic connection and making gifting feel rewarding for people who want to support the creator financially.

5-Promote Affiliate Links

One-way TikTok creators can monetize their audience is by promoting affiliate links to products and services relevant to their niche. An affiliate link allows the creator to earn a commission when a follower makes a purchase after clicking on the link. This is a great passive income stream as you can continue earning money from your old videos or pinned posts.

To leverage affiliate links on TikTok:

Sign up for affiliate programs with brands that align with your niche and content. Some popular programs are Amazon Associates, ShareASale, CJ Affiliate, Rakuten, etc. Ensure the commission structure works for you.

Find products to promote that you genuinely like and recommend. Don’t randomly promote products just for the sake of affiliate revenue. Your followers will see through the inauthenticity.

Share affiliate links in your TikTok bio or directly in your videos. You can shorten long links using link-shortening tools.

When including links in your videos, make sure they add value to your audience. For example, if you post about cooking, include affiliate links to the products you use so viewers can easily find them.

Disclose that the links are affiliate links so your audience doesn’t feel misled. Some platforms require disclosures by law.

Promote a good mix of affiliate and non-affiliate links so your content doesn’t appear overly promotional.

Track your links to see which products get the most purchases. Double down on promoting the ones that convert well.

Affiliate marketing works best when you recommend products you authentically like and believe your audience will benefit from. Just make sure to follow FTC disclosure guidelines!

6-Cross-Promote Other Platforms

One effective way for TikTok creators to make money is by cross-promoting their other social media platforms and websites. Many popular TikTokers have monetized profiles on sites like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or their own blogs/websites.

You can let your TikTok followers know about your other platforms by mentioning them in your TikTok bio and video descriptions. Encourage viewers to check out your YouTube channel for more in-depth content or Instagram for exclusive behind-the-scenes photos.

Offering exclusive content on your other sites that isn’t available on TikTok gives fans more incentive to follow you elsewhere. For example, you could upload bonus clips, bloopers, tutorials, or vlogs on YouTube that complement your TikTok content. Similarly, you can share extra photos, stories, discounts, or sneak peeks on Instagram or Facebook.

Driving traffic to your other monetized platforms allows you to earn additional revenue through ads, affiliate marketing, subscriptions, and more. Just make sure to abide by each platform’s promotional guidelines and clearly disclose any paid partnerships or sponsorships. With smart cross-promotion across multiple sites, TikTokers can maximize their earning potential.

7-Leverage Creator Funds

TikTok offers creator funds that you can apply to join in order to get paid for creating high-quality content on the platform.

One of the main funds is TikTok Pulse, which is a new creator monetization program. With Pulse, you can earn money from sponsored content. Brands choose specific categories, hashtags, sounds, or effects that they want to sponsor. When you use any of these sponsored elements in your video, you’ll earn money if it performs well.

To join TikTok Pulse, you first need to meet the eligibility requirements. These include having at least 100k followers and 10k video views in the last 30 days. Your account must also follow TikTok’s community guidelines.

If accepted into Pulse, you can start creating branded content and earning money from it. The better your sponsored videos perform, the more you can make. This presents a great opportunity for established creators to monetize their audience and content.

TikTok may introduce additional creator funds in the future as well. So keep an eye out for new programs you may be eligible for. Getting accepted into one of TikTok’s funds allows you to earn money just for posting engaging videos, making it a lucrative monetization avenue.

8-Sell Creative Assets

One way to monetize your TikTok following is by selling creative assets and digital products. As a TikTok creator, you can leverage your skills to create unique video effects, filters, templates, graphics packs, and more. These can then be formatted and listed for sale on e-commerce sites like Etsy.

For example, you could create custom video transitions and effects using your video editing skills. These editing assets could be sold to other creators looking to step up their video production value. You’d want to showcase examples of the transitions and effects in action, allowing buyers to preview exactly what they would be purchasing.

Alternatively, you could design TikTok video templates, thumbnail templates, or graphics packs with custom elements like stickers and overlays tailored to TikTok. These digital product bundles can be neatly packaged and sold online. Useful graphic assets like custom thumbnail templates tend to be in demand among the TikTok community.

The key is creating shareable assets that align with what the TikTok creator community is actively seeking. Spend time understanding the styles and video editing trends popular among top TikTok creators. Then construct visually engaging products like templates, graphics, and effects that meet these needs. With a following on TikTok, you’ll have a built-in target audience to market these creative assets.


TikTok offers creators multiple ways to earn income directly on the platform or by leveraging their audience. The key methods covered in this article include selling merchandise, getting brand sponsorships, adding donation buttons, earning from live-stream gifts, promoting affiliate links, cross-promoting other platforms, utilizing TikTok’s creator funds, and selling creative assets like sounds or effects.

The most lucrative opportunities like brand deals and merchandise sales require you to build a sizeable and engaged following first. Patience and consistency in posting quality content is crucial. You also need creativity to produce videos that grab attention and get people hooked. Stand out from the crowd by developing a unique style or niche.

While going viral on TikTok may seem like winning the lottery, making money is about much more than views. Focus on engaging your followers, interacting with them in comments and in your content. Treat it like building a brand and community. When you have a loyal audience that trusts you, the money will come. With persistence and ingenuity, TikTok can become a full-time income source for creative entrepreneurs.

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