Refund Policy

7-day refund policy: Our service takes effect once your order is completed, therefore it will not be possible for us to refund you if you request it within 7-days of placing your order. Any help can be provided after completing your program by one of our support technicians. However, we may require you to explain the reasons for canceling the order in detail.

Twicsy is truly one of the few platforms where you can enjoy one hundred percent satisfaction. It is all made possible with our sheer determination and seamless customer experience. In some cases, due to technological glitches,it could happen that the order does not completed. If this happens, Superviral takes full responsibility. In such a case, we guarantee to refund your amount of money paid which includes the shipping fee and other delivery charges paid by you as well

Is it Possible to Get a Refund?

Yes, a refund may be provided depending on the condition and circumstances.

Conditions When You Can Get Partial or Complete Refund

If we can’t deliver your order, or you don’t get what you’ve purchased due to any of our systematic errors, then you can get a refund. Make sure that you fully understood what you were buying and didn’t misunderstand anything. If we failed to deliver your order in a timely manner, then please contact us so we can further assist you with this issue.

Reasons for Not Getting the Refund

    We do not provide refunds for the following instances:

    Order is under-processing / delivery is ongoing; Service interruption, failure in order processing; Your order has been delivered successfully; You’ve acted in a rude manner with our customer support.

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